The Greece Rotary Club gave a grant last July for  $10,000 for their Work Based Learning Program. This program's focus is:
•Comprehensive youth vocational education, job coaching and leadership development program that exposes youth to career training and employment opportunities
•An opportunity to explore career options and learn life skills while building a work portfolio to further the journey toward self sufficiency.
Work Based Learning -"What Is It" - The Villa Work Based Learning Program is unique.

- We work to overcome barriers to career exploration and pursuit with youth in a safe, accepting, therapeutic environment. 

- Gradually, we expose youth to external environments while increasing confidence and independence.

How do we Measure Success??

•Served 43 youth this year from a cross section of all Villa programs
•Attendance in program
•Reduction in incidents during/after the program
•Skills assessments/performance reviews
•Pre & Post Surveys of participants